Proud partner with some of the market's biggest car brands

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Our extensive experience in importing cars, parts and accessories, combined with our dealer expertise, makes us a modern supplier and distribution partner.


RSA signed an importer agreement with BYD in 2019 and is the official distributor of BYD's cars and vans in Norway, Finland and Iceland, and importer of BYD's vans in Sweden and Denmark. Norway was designated as a pilot country for the European market in 2020, and BYD has since experienced significant growth in the Nordics. BYD is the world's largest manufacturer of electrified vehicles.


RSA has been the importer of Isuzu pickups in Norway since 2007. Isuzu has a strong tradition of delivering solid and reliable trucks, and the Isuzu D-MAX has been Norway's best-selling pickup truck for several years. Isuzu's dealer network in Norway currently consists of almost 80 dealers.

JAC Motors

RSA signed an importer contract with JAC Motors in 2022 and represents JAC in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Since its inception in 1964, JAC has evolved from a truck manufacturer to a major technology company developing passenger cars, engines and electric powertrains.

Proud partner for
six car brands

With a total of six car brands, RSA offers a wide range of vehicles. Today, we offer cars, vans, pickups, hybrids and electric cars in various segments.


In 2023, RSA signed an agreement to become the importer for KGM (formerly SsangYong) in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. KGM is one of Korea's largest car brands, has been developing four-wheel drive vehicles since the 1980s, and is known for innovative technology and good quality.


In 2018, RSA entered into an importer agreement with SAIC Maxus, and is today the importer of Maxus to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Germany, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. SAIC Motors is the world's seventh largest car manufacturer and is characterized by being a forward-looking manufacturer with a focus on development and innovation.


RSA was signed as an importer for Suzuki in 1983, and over four decades has built up Suzuki to become a strong brand in Norway. Today, the Norwegian dealer network consists of 75 dealers, dedicated to providing service in car sales, aftermarket and spare parts sales.


We're with you today - and in the future.
At RSA, we're more than just a car importer; we're your partner on the road to modern mobility solutions. We actively collaborate with manufacturers and partners to create the best customer experience. Your way, your choice - explore our range and find the perfect vehicle to suit your needs and expectations.

"We will be a forward-looking and inspiring partner"

- Frank Dunvold, CEO

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